Cities in Rajasthan

Cities in Rajasthan

If consider by area, Rajasthan is amongst largest Indian state comprises of several cities, villages, and town. Tourists from all across the world visit here to see the rich tradition and feel the true essence of India. A large number of cities are present in the culturally rich Indian state. These cities houses historical landmarks, beautiful palaces, forts, monuments, and temples. Presently, most of the palaces of Indian emperors have been converted into luxurious hotels equipped with ultra-modern facilities. In these accommodations, you get a comfortable stay.

Tourist Attractions:

  • Jantar Mantar, Dilwara Temple, Chittor Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Lake Palace, and Hawa Mahal, are few of the must-to-visit architectural sites present in the cities of Rajasthan.
  • Apart from amazing creations, you can also visit National Park and Bird Sanctuaries where you find a large number of species including endangered ones.
  • These cities are also famous for organizing several fairs and festivals to show the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. In the blissful tour, you can enjoy the world famous Rajasthan Desert Safari with your family and friends.

Enjoy mouthwatering dishes in the cities of Rajasthan

In the food corners of these cities, you get delighted to taste the food like Dal-Bati-Churma, Ghevar, Daal kachori, and many more delicious items.

The major region of Rajasthan is covered by the Thar Desert and hence the climate of the state is always arid or semi-arid. So, it is suggested not to plan a trip to any city of the state in a harsh and unbeatable season of summer i.e. choose winter or monsoon season for the tour.