The land of stupendous landscapes, exquisite mountain peaks, beautiful beaches, timeless historical monuments and a culture full of joy, warmth and colours, Star India Tours offers a host of options for travellers from across the world. With the demographics, the culture and the historical influences changing after every few kilometres, the country transports every traveller to magical realms and unexplored territories time and again. Being the seventh largest country in the world, a traveller gets a unique experience of getting the best of all climates, demographics and traditions within a single country. The historical marvels that are available across the country are joined by the modern architectural wonders, making this country the perfect example of a country looking up and ahead while staying in touch with its roots.

Exploring the splendour of India has fascinated millions around the world throughout the history. Right from Columbus who wanted to get to India but landed up in USA to the current day USA Presidents expressing their desire to visit (Agra)the iconic Taj Mahal when on a trip to India, the country has always attracted visitors wishing to experience the magic. With India emerging as a strong economy in the recent decades, the tourism industry has seen a remarkable rise, with both international and domestic travellers looking to explore the exceptional beauty of the country.

Whether looking for a nature gateway or a beach holiday, a trip down the history lane or a hike up the mountains, Indian tourism offers it all. Taking an India tour package enables the travellers to indulge in the perfect combination of relaxation and exploration at the chosen destination. The best part about taking a tour package for India is that a majority of these packages take care of all the fine details of the visitor’s trip, allowing the tourist to just focus on the magnificence of the country.

States Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir,Delhi, Kerala, Jaipur, Goa and the seven sisters are home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in India. For the destinations famous destinations spread across these states, tourists can choose from a host of tour packages. The most sought after among the tourist packages in the north India are the Kashmir and Ladakh tours, the Golden Triangle tours, the Taj Mahal tours, the Rajasthan tours and the specially designed medical India tours. Coming to the southern region of India, the most popular India tour packages cantered in this part of the country include the Kerala Tours, the beach tours, South India wildlife tours and Ayurveda tour of south India, Tourist Taxi Services among others.

The spiritualism in the culture, the grandeur of the history and the widespread canvas of the landscapes, make India a must visit destination for everyone. The best way to go about the trip is to go for a well planned India tour package, which would help you make sure that you can enjoy the marvel that is India, without having to watch out for the small details at each step in the trip.